The creative fashion of nail art

Decorative nails have long been a popular and cheap accessory for the modern woman. Dating back as far as 3000 BC, the first modern nail polish was created by Cutex in 1917, shortly followed by the Charles Revson Company (Revlon) in 1932. Women tended to use it in the place of gloves to cover up grime beneath fingernails. These days though, a person’s nails are a fashion statement as much as they are a body part that needs its health maintained. And a variety of creative decorations have proven popular off the back of it. Gimmicks, artistic designs, blended coloring and a little sparkle and shine go a long way in nail art.

Gimmick nails

Decorating nails with rhinestones, applying glamorous claws, gluing silly eyeballs to false nails – they all sound like the type of thing Lady Gaga would endorse, and you would be right, although she’s not the first to make a statement with her nails. Fans of iconic characters like Harry Potter and Superman have been known to paint lightning bolts and Superman symbols on their nails using different colored polish. And sometimes a popular brand will get in on the action, creating fake nails that fans can buy, or in the case of foxybingo, win for themselves. The Foxy Fur Nails proved popular with players just last year. While statement nails like these may seem gimmicky, they’re often a unique way of expressing your personality.

French Manicure

The most popular of all nail styles is the French Manicure. A manicure consists of taking your natural nails and filing, shaping and treating them before the application of polish. Unfortunately many women have brittle nails (sometimes due to biting), which means that it’s better to have artificial nail gels, tips and acrylics applied to our natural nails instead. Usually the purpose of a French Manicure is to keep the nail looking as natural possible, equal in length, squared off, with a clear contrast between the cuticle and the white of the nail.

Block colors

Nail art is a skill that takes anything from a professional course, to years and years of trial and error to master. As a result the vast majority of women painting their nails, tend to only do so in block colors, covering the whole nail with the one color. Not that there’s anything wrong with this. Simplicity is often the most effective when it comes to fashion. Dependent on your skin tone, the clothing you wear and the colors that hit the catwalks each season, nail polish can brighten up your outer appearance and make you feel good about yourself.

Artistic print nails

Artistic nails are not dissimilar to those I’ve placed under the gimmick category. The difference is that artistic nails are usually unique in design, don’t pay homage to an established brand, and tend to be subtle. They’re supposed to be pretty and fascinating to look at, without detracting attention away from all else. Patterns and pictures used in artistic nail art can be anything from abstract shapes and painted flowers, to well placed shimmer and sparkle. One thing is for sure, they are beautiful to look at and clever in detail.

Statement Ring

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It don’t mean a thіng іf you aіn’t got that bƖіng. When іt comes to sparkƖe, the answer іs aƖways bіgger, better, more…and wіth swarovskі crystaƖs on hand, we don’t have to stop at over the top. Recreate the dazzƖe of a tіmeƖess vіntage cocktaіƖ rіng wіth your own personaƖ touch іn no tіme at aƖƖ!

To create: remove ceraƖun* from wrappіng. Use a knіfe to sƖіce enough ceraƖun to approxіmateƖy cover the bezeƖed surface of the rіng. PƖace the remaіnіng ceraƖun іn an aіr-tіght bag and store at room temperature. Wearіng pƖastіc gƖoves, mіx the two-part ceraƖun wіth your hands. Once evenƖy mіxed, moƖd the ceraƖun to the bezeƖ. PƖace a swarovskі crystaƖ onto the center of the ceraƖun; gentƖy push down to secure. Encrust around the crystaƖ wіth smaƖƖer stones. Let ceraƖun harden compƖeteƖy before wearіng.

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